Welcome to Bermar America and our world leading range of wine preservation systems, wine dispensers and Champagne preservation systems designed to elevate the wine experience in restaurants, clubs, hotels and wineries.


Le Verre de Vin technology is firmly established as the ‘Industry Standard’ in wine & Champagne preservation for professional wine by the glass service.

Serve every glass hand poured in perfect condition, promote upper tier wine sales, and eliminate waste.

The 'perfect service' ,where every guest is guaranteed a great wine experience

 Wine by the glass service solutions

for your business…

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News & Events

Restaurant Show Visitors wowed by Giant Pod Bar2 - “Podzilla”

Two years after it was first launched and already hailed as a ‘design classic’ the Pod Bar concept has evolved!!... and Restaurant Show 2011 visitors were wowed by the launch of Pod Bar2

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2011 – Bermar’s Year of Wine By The Glass

Thousands of the UK’s on-trade operators are yet to take the leap and introduce an extended wine and Champagne by the glass service into their businesses. In 2011, the ‘Year of Wine by the Glass’, taking the plunge couldn’t be better timed or more straightforward.

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Wine List Essentials - HOST, Summer 2011

There is one single factor that is widely agreed can make a big difference to your list... a good selection of wines by-the-glass.

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Legendary 1st growths of Bordeaux by the GLASS

All the legendary 1st growths of Bordeaux by the GLASS using Le Verre de Vin at Millesime, Kuala Lumpur.

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Latest 'Tweets' from the World of Le Verre de Vin

All the latest 'Tweets' from Le Verre de Vin

Including more great Pod Bar installation news and Flights of wine offerings.

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Latest examples of great wine service

Tri Pod Bar as installed at Myong Gourmet in Mt Kisco NY. Ready to dispense 24 wines , fresh at at the correct serving temperature.


Le Verre de Vin Systems can keep sparkling wines fresh with that original "POP" for up to 21 days!


Igby's - One of the Pod Bars installed in Igby's Cincinnati OH. - A remarkable Champagne experience - all Champagnes served fresh & fizzy and at the correct serving temperature - We are proud to support the Igby team passion for wine service excellence.