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Le Verre de Vin technology has a legendary reputation as the common sense choice in wine & Champagne preservation for professional wine by the glass service.

Serve every glass hand poured in perfect condition, promote upper tier wine sales, and eliminate waste.

The 'perfect service' where every guest is guaranteed a great wine experience, just as the winemaker intended.

Wine by the glass service solutions...

that are easy to use, 

grow your profits and

eliminate waste. 



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June 2014 -NEW PRODUCT - Le Verre de Vin Portable TOWER

Portable Tower - Milsoms

New Portable Le Verre de Vin Tower - All in one counter top still wine & Champagne preservation technology.

- Incorporating a Re-fillable CO2 Cartridge into the housing

- Portable, place on your counter top, plug it in and ready to go

- Ideal for 'Pop up' bars, seasonal outdoor bars, catering events and wine promotions 






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Latest examples of great wine service

New Le Verre de Vin TOWER - BC06 - ready to serve an unlimited number of still wines & Champagnes by the glass


Le Verre de Vin Systems can keep sparkling wines fresh with that original "POP" for up to 21 days!


Igby's - One of the Pod Bars installed in Igby's Cincinnati OH. - A remarkable Champagne experience - all Champagnes served fresh & fizzy and at the correct serving temperature - We are proud to support the Igby team passion for wine service excellence.