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Our wine preservation history

Our History

Founded in 1991, Bermar International in the UK have been at the forefront of the wine preservation industry for almost 30 years. In the early '90s, the modern-day wine list, packed full of selections by the glass was a distant dream. In the USA, consumers faced a limited choice; a glass of red or a glass of white and rarely a glass of bubbly. In 1995 Bermar America was founded and set out to change that… armed with input from restaurateurs and hoteliers the Bermar engineers developed a system that would allow an opened bottle to be ‘resealed’, extending the lifespan of a still or sparkling wine from hours to weeks. Our mission was to help wine service professionals serve still & sparkling wines just as the winemaker intended.

Early success with winemakers, sommeliers and critics confirmed what the team already knew, the patented precision Le Verre de Vin still wine and Champagne preservation system was set to change the way the hospitality sector could serve wine, and how consumers could now enjoy wine… for good. 

Over the 30 years that have followed, Bermar’s range of products has evolved to meet the changing demands of the modern operator. In 2020 Bermar America celebrates its 25th year, and we are pleased to launch our new Le Verre de Vin+ microchip technology together with the new high performance eStopper. What has not changed, is our team’s passion for getting great wines into the hands of consumers served just as the winemaker intended.

Built by us, made for you

Since 1995 Bermar America has been supported by our global production & R&D based at the Bermar’s Head Office in the UK. At Bermar America's US offices we distribute and service each and every system which is hand built for you. We have complete control of the build and servicing process and this is the reason we are globally renowned for the legendary reliability and precision-engineered finish of our products. If you’d like to visit us in PA or the UK we’d be delighted to show you round.

Our wine preservation history