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October 19, 2022

BREAKING NEWS: Bermar España website now live!

Visit today!


Have you seen our brand new Spanish website?

We are proud to announce the launch of our official Bermar España website, allowing us to expand our ever-increasing international reach and provide an easier, seamless experience for our esteemed Spanish-speaking customers.

Hola! Visitors can discover the very pinnacle of wine & Champagne preservation technology like never before and learn how to boost their venue’s wine by the glass sales, eliminate their wastage costs, and delight customers with a wider, more diverse selection of wines.

A better way to browse the range. Customers can explore the entire Le Verre de Vin+ and PODBAR+ ranges quickly and effortlessly with the click of a button.

Download a price list. Downloading a price list in EUR€ couldn’t be easier. It’s instant and goes straight to the enquirer’s inbox.

A one stop shop. Visitors can widen their stock of innovative wine & Champagne accessories to open the gateway to even more profits from their by the glass menu! The entire range includes both still and sparkling wine stoppers to suit all wine preservation needs.

Presenting an unparalleled browsing and shopping experience, Bermar España is the newest online destination to find and discover our revolutionary, award-winning wine by the glass preservation technology. With over 50,000 customers in 90+ countries, Bermar has a truly global family and we are beyond thrilled to launch this invaluable tool for our Spanish audience.

Don’t forget you can already find other international Bermar sites in various countries including Germany, Singapore, Australia, and the UK.

Stay up to date in Spanish on the official website here and on Bermar España’s social media page. You can also get in touch with the amazing team via or by phoning them on +34 655 107 735 today!