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California Club

Jake Sherman | F&B Manager
Los Angeles, CA 2023 Jake Sherman | F&B Manager

In July we received our Portable Tower. Since receiving the Tower, we have eliminated waste and were able to expand our by the glass program. If you are a club with a small or large with a wine program, you should have a Bermar system. The presentation and function of the Tower is sleek, easy to use and customizable. It has been a great conversation starter with our members. I highly recommend anyone with a wine program pick one up ASAP, you won't regret it.

The Chicago Club

Timothy Canezaro | Club Ambassador & Beverage Manager
Chicago, IL 2022 Timothy Canezaro | Club Ambassador & Beverage Manager

We have utilized Bermar’s Le Verre de Vin systems since 2008. With a serious wine by the glass program, the quality control measure provided by our Bermar wine preservation system is a must and allows us to minimize waste by providing a greater pouring window. This is important for our still wine, but also allows our staff to open quality sparkling wines with confidence, knowing that we can keep the bubbles where they belong. The investment is totally worth it.

Medinah Country Club

Taylor Nissen Beverage Manager | Sommelier
Medinah, IL 2022 Taylor Nissen Beverage Manager | Sommelier

With multiple outlets inside our clubhouse having their own unique wine program, we felt we owed it to our membership to provide the freshest glass of wine we could when ordered. In looking at what options were available on the market, we inquired about Bermar’s Le Verre de Vin and were blown away by the technology, customer service, and practicality. Having different preservation setups for our various locations was huge for us, and the wine service we can now offer and provide is very much in line with what we are trying to achieve at the club overall. Ultimately, the results speak for themselves as far as quality and financial benefits. We have two units with a third on the way. Thank you, Bermar!

St. Petersburg Yacht Club

Rhett J. Robicheaux, CCM General Manager, COO
St. Petersburg, FL 2022 Rhett J. Robicheaux, CCM General Manager, COO

We happily invested in our fourth Bermar system here at the Petersburg Yacht Club, having previously used them at our Naples and Savannah locations. We have been delighted with our units and can confirm that Bermar is a great company to work with; their customer service has always been spot-on! Purchasing and using a Bermar system is a no-brainer for anyone with a small or large by the glass program, as it allows owners to save money and serve fresh glasses of wine while doing so.

The Tasting Room

Christine Seiler - Owner
Travelers Rest, SC September 9th 2021 Christine Seiler - Owner

I bought this business over 1 1/2 years ago and have been using Le Verre de Vin Tower everyday in my retail store to drive sales by offering tastes in my store. I found that this piece of equipment is the most valuable piece of equipment in my store. I was pleased to invest in this excellent wine preservation system to eliminate my waste and guarantee the quality of every taste I serve.

Temperance Wine

A.J. Ojeda-Pons | Director of Operations
New York City, NY Oct 2021 A.J. Ojeda-Pons  |  Director of Operations

The Le Verre de Vin+ preservation system has been a life changer, allowing us to keep over 100 wines by the glass tasting just as fresh as a new bottle! The system enables us to precisely preserve our still and sparkling wines for more than 3 weeks. Preservation was a huge and key aspect of our opening programme and we invite you to experience it, too!

Home User in Napa Valley, CA

Joe S.
Napa Valley, CA December 30, 2019 Joe S.

I have been a very happy customer for over 20 years. My Le Verre de Vin experience actually started in Champagne at the famous Chateau Crayere. I visited there often and actually kept a bicycle there to ride. I love Champagne but one night I was alone, I was reluctant to order a great bottle knowing that I did not want to finish it. Werner, the Mairtre D said to me "order any bottle you like and drink what you will. If tomorrow what is left is not as good as what you drink tonight then we will give you the bottle at no charge." Well they did not have to pay and when I saw my first Le Verre de Vin I was hooked. It has served me in good stead for over twenty years, I now own several machines. I am most pleased with the constant evaluation of the technology - better stoppers, different size stoppers - constant improvement and they all work on my original machine. Living now in Napa Valley we are able to enjoy a glass of whatever each evening knowing that tomorrow will be just as good.

Boulevard Steakhouse

Peter Holloway, Owner
Edmond, OK February 2020 Peter Holloway, Owner

So often you see bar operators choose a perspective based on average thinking which says "we sell our wines so quickly that our customers don’t notice when we serve day or two old wine-by-the-glass" . At Boulevard Steakhouse we choose our guests perspective, as we believe our guests expect an excellent fresh glass of wine every time, which is why we invested in Le Verre de Vin for all our restaurants over 12 years ago. We just traded-up two of our oldest systems to the new ePreserve +Plus technology in February 2020. We love the speed of operation and the new eStoppers

Gino’s Baton Rouge

Gino Marino
Baton Rouge, LA May, 2015 Gino Marino

Having used a Le Verre de Vin Classic for 12 years with only one service in all that time, it finally started slowing down. Without hesitation we replaced it with the latest version of that model.

Mondo’s Italian

Chris Mondo
Charleston, SC January 2015 Chris Mondo

At Mondo’s we know that if we don’t serve our wine by the glass right the first time, we probably will not get the chance to the second time. Since installing our 2 Pod Bars we have seen a huge sales growth. Champagne by the glass is so easy with a Le Verre de Vin, there is no need to speculate about demand, we offer it served right, and our curious guests respond with increased sparkling sales.


USA February 2014 Gaja

We have been using Le Verre de Vin for nearly seven years now…It does the best job for our business and our wines.We have been using Le Verre de Vin in our Barbaresco winery for nearly seven years now, and in that time, we have trusted Le Verre de Vin technology to look after the open bottles in our tasting room, safe in the knowledge that each and every pour is going to be as fresh as the first. In fact, we were so impressed with Le Verre de Vin that last year we decided to invest in another system for our winery. We know that there are other commercial preservation systems on the market but we chose Le Verre de Vin because it does the best job for our business and wines.

Bliss Restaurant

Mark Bliss, Owner
San Antonio, Texas April 2017 Mark Bliss, Owner

We have been using the Le Verre de Vin Tower at our restaurant Bliss in San Antonio for nearly 6 years. The system has worked fantastically and our wine BTG program has been a huge success. We truly appreciate being able to control the quality of all our wine BTG including our sparkling wines, and we have close to zero loss. Our guests really appreciate the special service, and thankfully we have been recognized with awards from Open Table Top 100 restaurants, Trip Advisor and Top rated Wine Restaurant by local publications as a result of this service. It is really nice to offer our guests higher priced wines & Champagnes by the glass served guaranteed fresh. We find people will ‘Trade-up’ when they see and experience this confidence inspiring service. I don’t want a museum of wine, I want my guests to experience special wine moments in our restaurant, which is why we value price our wines to sell. However, we understand that it doesn’t matter how quickly we sell our wine BTG you still need to care for it to guarantee the guest experience the next day. Le Verre de Vin delivers this guarantee

Di Gusto

Chuck Barbeau
Ontario, Canada April 2017 Chuck Barbeau

We have used Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system for three years now and we couldn’t be happier with the benefits. The deoxidizing process has allowed us to expand our wine-by-the-glass offerings to include over 35 wines, which has given us a competitive edge in our market. It’s a small price to pay to set yourself apart from your competitors! Customers truly appreciate having the option of purchasing a premium wine-by-the-glass and we benefit by capitalizing on a sale that might not have happened without Le Verre de Vin.In fact, when I go out to dine, if they do not have a Le Verre de Vin I will rarely drink their wine-by-the-glass.

DC Steakhouse

Jeff Lowder, Manager at DC Steakhouse
Chandler, AZ September 2017 Jeff Lowder, Manager at DC Steakhouse

The Le Verre de Vin Twin Pod Bar is very functional, attractive and it’s a great conversation starter with guests!Previous to Le Verre de Vin wine preservation system we wouldn’t be able to consider some wines. Today, we have eliminated the fear of expanding our product range with premium bottles of wine which we can store over longer periods of time and our guests have a greater choice.

Foxboro Sports Tavern

Thom Popoli Jr., Owner Foxboro Sports Tavern
Naples, Florida May 2017 Thom Popoli Jr., Owner Foxboro Sports Tavern

Le Verre de Vin Tower is the reason why my wine customers are always happy to order wine by the glass at Foxboro Sports Tavern! We are able to continue to offer our “Good, Better, Best” wine list and everyone is happy! This system WORKS! On the rare occasion that I have had to service the Pod Bar and Richard has answered the phone each time I called! I have ordered a new POD, as well as more stoppers and Richard is always there for great customer service and support! If you are considering the Pod Bar or the Le Verre de Vin system, Call me at 239-293-5295. I will tell you more about our experience with the Pod Bar and The Le Verre de Vin Tower!

Twin Cities Wine Education

Twin Cities Wine owner and founder Jason Kallsen
St. Paul, MN December, 2016 Twin Cities Wine owner and founder Jason Kallsen

At Red Rabbit in Minneapolis they have a wine preservation system called Le Verre de Vin, and it’s awesome. I like this far more than the machines that squirt wine out in controlled quantities because those have one inherent problem: tubes full of wine. This system uses precisely controlled air pressure to remove all oxygen. We’ve tested it thoroughly and we can get roughly 16 days of preservation from the unit.

Paradiso Ristorante

Chef Angelo Romano, Restaurateur and Owner
Lake Worth, FL September 2017 Chef Angelo Romano, Restaurateur and Owner

Our Le Verre de Vin Pod Bar adds an impressive display to my bar and peaks our guests‘ interest in our trade-up selections. It also enables us to offer Champagnes-by-the-glass. It’s a first-class system!

French Creek Golf Club

Nick Gerov, Manager at French Creek Golf Club
Chester County, Pennsylvania January 2018 Nick Gerov, Manager at French Creek Golf Club

We’ve had a great experience working with Le Verre de Vin in the past year. I had nothing but compliments from our members and guests. It is easy to operate, the staff love to work with it, we didn’t have any waste and, because of that, we were able to provide our members with higher-end wines by the glass. But all of those things are not news for you [the Bermar team]. Thank you, for a great product.

The Berkshire Golf Club

Matt Palmer
Reading, PA, USA April 2014 Matt Palmer

We have two systems and thoroughly love them! We now offer a far wider range to our guests and we’ve now even started serving Champagnes by the glass, which has really helped increase profits.

Le Gavroche

Silvano Giraldin
Mayfair, London, UK April 2014 Silvano Giraldin

Thanks to Le Verre de Vin’s proven preservation credentials, Le Gavroche have been able to guarantee over the last 15 years that every glass of wine served has been in the condition the wine maker intended, as well as being able to eradicate the risk of wastage.

The Beach Club

Gregg Patterson
Santa Monica, CA, USA February 2014 Gregg Patterson

The Le Verre de Vin preservation system has given us the confidence to develop our $20 and above wines by the glass selection, which is a new market for us. We’ve found $20-$30 per glass to be a sweet spot for our members.

White Dog Cafe

Marty Grims - Owner
Philadelphia, PA, USA March 2015 Marty Grims - Owner

With Le Verre de Vin we are sure that our guest is getting an excellent wine & Champagne experience every time. The daily control on the over $240’s worth of open wine and the elimination of waste is just a great bonus, that pays for the systems many times over each year. With 24 wines by the glass we have 60 glasses left open each night. To risk 60 guest experiences being served in poor or average condition is just not acceptable to us, and not what we believe in. With Le Verre de Vin we are sure that our guest is getting an excellent wine & Champagne experience every time.

The Elbow Room

Michael Shirinian - Owner
Fresno, CA, USA May 2012 Michael Shirinian - Owner

Having used 3 types of dispense systems over the years, I finally found Le Verre de Vin. What a brilliant invention, easy to use, reliable and it works better than anything I have ever used before.

Bowers Harbor Vineyard

Kristy McClellan
Michigan, USA December 2016 Kristy McClellan

A visit to our quaint tasting room affords our guests the opportunity to sample from our extensive range of wines – all made possible by Le Verre de Vin, which has allowed our tasting menu to grow tremendously. At Bowers Harbor Vineyards, we can have up to four different wine bars open simultaneously during peak season. That’s over 100 open bottles! With the Le Verre de Vin wine preservation, we are able to increase our speed and hospitality – service more guests, offer a wine by the glass bar, and thus increase sales!

The Vineyard

Romain Bourger - Head Sommelier
Newbury, Berkshire, UK February 2020 Romain Bourger - Head Sommelier

We wanted more control of the Champagne that we have opened by the glass and a Bermar preservation system already has helped reducing it. We have seen a clear reduction in our waste. Due the Bermar system we now offer Taittinger Comtes de Champagne by the glass which is a great success! I would strongly recommend a Bermar preservation system as it enables restaurants to offer a wider range of sparkling wines by the glass by diminishing wastage.

UK Sommelier of the Year 2019

Walla Walla Steak Company

Jim Kiefer - Sommelier
Washington, USA November 2019 Jim Kiefer - Sommelier

We are fans of getting library wines and pouring them by the glass. Anybody can get a current vintage by the glass. By offering library wines our guests remember a special wine rather than that glass which they may not remember. It’s more of an experience. Also, we can open any bottle on our list for a glass pour. We use our Bermar system to preserve wine. When someone asks about Krug by the glass, I can say ‘My pleasure, it’s your world!’


Red Rabbit

Ian Lowther - Beverage Director
Minneapolis, USA June 2017 Ian Lowther - Beverage Director

We have 42 wines by-the-glass and that includes 3-4 sparkling wines by-the-glass. The temperature control and pressure of our products are really important to us. We have used similar wine preservation systems over the last five years or so. Now we’ve really got Le Verre de Vin under our belt. We haven’t had any spoilage of wine at all in the three months that we have been open, which has been great!

University Club Atop Symphony Towers

Service Director
San Diego, USA 2017 Service Director

Since the club began using the Bermar preservation system, wine by the glass revenues are up by 32%. A much wider and higher end selection is available to a much appreciative clientèle.

Foxboro Sports Tavern

Thom Popoli Jr. - Owner
Naples, FL, USA May 2017 Thom Popoli Jr. - Owner

The Le Verre de Vin Tower is the reason why my wine customers are always happy to order wine by the glass at Foxboro Sports Tavern! We are able to continue to offer our “Good, Better, Best” wine list and everyone is happy!


Italy 2017 Owner

We have trusted the technology to look after the open bottles in our tasting room, safe in the knowledge that each and every pour is going to be as fresh as the first.


Marketing and Communication Director
Worldwide April 2015 Marketing and Communication Director

The PODBAR has been tested by Taittinger’s Oenologist’s and quality control team…and I can confirm that it is the best Champagne preservation system we have ever experienced.

Alain Ducasse

Gerard Margeon (Head Sommelier)
Worldwide June 2016 Gerard Margeon (Head Sommelier)

This is the best wine and Champagne preservation solution I have encountered since my hospitality career began back in 1979. So simple, so obvious… I have installed it in most of our restaurants.

Le Manoir Aux Quat’Saisons

Restaurant Director
Great Milton, Oxford 2014 Restaurant Director

The Le Verre de Vin system has enabled us to offer far more of our renowned wine selection ‘by the glass’, meeting growing customer demand for better quality wines without having to buy the bottle. We also have the possibility of matching these wonderful wines with our award-winning food.

Mandarin Oriental

General Manager
Hong Kong Feb 2014 General Manager

Le Verre de Vin is compact, easy to use and most importantly it works flawlessly. I would have no hesitation in recommending the system to anybody.


Head Sommelier
London April 2014 Head Sommelier

The Le Verre de Vin preservation system has been imperative in enabling us to run a successful wine by the glass programme. We now offer 12 Champagnes by the glass including both Krug and Dom Perignon rosé and the Le Verre de Vin has proven truly indispensable.

Brindisa Tapas Kitchens

Victor Calvante (Group General Manager)
London April 2014 Victor Calvante (Group General Manager)

Margins are now more transparent and the revenue has considerably increases throughout the group, not only by reducing wastage but being able to open more premium wines, as we are sure that they will be properly preserved. The only regret, is that we only started a few months ago and not a few years ago!