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October 25, 2023

Boo-st Your Wine Sales This Halloween & Prepare
Your Venue for Spooky Season!

October is here, and so are the opportunities for a hauntingly good time at your venue!

Elevate your festivities this Spooky Season not just through ghostly decorations and a spooky ambiance but with an exceptional selection of still and sparkling wines and wine-based cocktails.

In today’s blog, we navigate ways you can craft both a mesmerizing setting and a spirited drinks menu, ensuring your venue offers a uniquely enchanting experience this Halloween.

Cauldron Cocktails: Wine-Based Concoctions

Elevate your wine menu to new heights this Halloween by venturing into the realm of wine-based cocktails! Unleash your inner alchemist as you stir the cauldron and conjure spirits of a different kind…

Creative concoctions, such as an enchanting “Bloody Vine Martini” or a hauntingly delicious “Ghoul’s Sangria,” are fun, unique ways to present a twist on classic cocktail types – tailored for those bold enough to veer from the well-trodden path of familiarity.

Allow your customers to step into a world where wine meets mixology, savoring the fusion of flavors and spirits that await, ensuring a memorable experience for every adventurous sip. Read more about the surge of ‘category fusion’ & how you can use wine to drive drinks sales here

Be sure to check out last year’s blog, featuring the likes of a ‘Pumpkin Spice Wine Spritzer’ and ‘Hocus Pocus Fizz’ both of which are cool, funky Halloween-themed wine-based cocktails you can easily add to your drinks roster!

Spooky Sips: Host a Haunting Wine Tasting Adventure

Picture a space transformed into a ‘wine tasting haven,’ whether a dimly lit, antiquated room or a cozy corner of your venue. Here, guests can embark on a journey to explore a diverse palette of wines (under the guidance of your adept team, of course).

Tasting cards or menus can be crafted, detailing the distinct notes, aromas, and origins of each wine, ensuring every participant can delve into the history of your wine selection with a sense of understanding.

This immersive experience allows for a thorough exploration and understanding of each wine’s unique profile, making the event not only a social gathering but also an educational venture into the world of wine, all set in your spooky Halloween-themed atmosphere.

Eliminate the Horrors of Spoiled Wine! 

Does the mere thought of opening multiple bottles of still and sparkling wine send shivers down your spine? Banish the fear of wine wastage and the dread of serving stale wine with Bermar’s preservation systems!

Our innovative ePreserve technology ensures that both your still and sparkling wines maintain their enchanting quality for up to 21 days after opening, offering a perfect glass from the first pour to the last.

This Halloween, let Bermar shield you against the ghosts of wine wastage and the horror of serving anything less than perfect. Our system guarantees that the magic encapsulated in every bottle remains unspoiled, pour after pour, allowing you to serve each glass with confidence, knowing that not a drop of your beloved wines will go to waste or lose its charm.

On the Menu: A Hauntingly Good Time

With Halloween on the horizon, ensuring your venue is primed & ready for Halloween is key. A themed wine menu, spine-chilling decor, and perhaps a haunting playlist are simple yet effective touches you and your staff can implement today!

With a dash of creativity, you can bewitch your guests and make this Spooky Season a memorable venture into ghostly delights.