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December 14, 2023

Festive Cheers: Unlock Holiday Joy with Bermar

According to holiday season forecasts for 2023, US consumers are expected to increase their spending by a healthy 7%, allocating an average of $1,530 for gifts, travel, and entertainment. This indicates a strong potential for holiday business at on-trade venues!

This season is not just about decking the halls. Every detail, from the soft glow of candlelight to the curated selection of wines, plays a crucial role in making this Christmas unforgettable for your guests. It’s an opportunity to create an atmosphere of warmth and joy, ensuring that every moment shared is a cherished and heartwarming celebration of the festive spirit.

Elevating the Experience: A Glass of Holiday Magic

As you weave the magic of the festive season across your venue, don’t forget to shine a spotlight on an essential element of holiday dining: your wine by the glass menu! With nearly 40% of US consumers planning to spend more than they did last year, and Gen Z consumers, in particular, planning to spend 15% more than in 2022, consider offering a range of wines. This aligns with the trend that more than 75% of consumers are on the hunt for deals, indicating they are willing to invest in quality experiences and products.

Celebrate the season’s spirit and consumer enthusiasm with these specially crafted strategies for your wine by the glass menu. These ideas are designed to enchant your guests and complement their festive indulgence: 

a. Themed Wine Tastings: Organise Christmas-themed wine-tasting events. Showcase a range of wines, kept fresh with Bermar’s systems, allowing guests to explore rare varieties.

b. Exclusive Seasonal Pairings: Offer festive food and wine pairings. Leverage the ability to serve multiple types of wine at their best, creating a memorable dining experience.

c. Limited-time Christmas Specials: Create exclusive Christmas menus, perhaps something like ‘wine advent calendars’ (whereby you put a different wine on ‘show’ every day or every week in the lead-up to Christmas), utilizing the versatility of your preservation system to include a wide range of wines.

d. Sustainability: A Christmas Gift to the Planet: With Bermar’s preservation technology, you significantly reduce wastage, supporting eco-friendly practices. This not only appeals to environmentally conscious consumers but also enhances your venue’s reputation.

Top Tip: Amplify your venue’s holiday charm by actively sharing events and wine specials on social media. Use these platforms to entice your audience with previews of exclusive wines, festive decorations, and special events. In the US, Gen Z consumers, who are between 17-25 years old, heavily utilize social media, with 41% using it to look for gift ideas (compared to 31% overall) and 34% for comparison shopping (versus 27% overall).

For more insights on leveraging your social media effectively and to snag our best tips on using it to up your wine by the glass service, check out our ‘Social media, wine, and hospitality’ blog series here! 

The Magic of Wine Preservation: A Festive Must-Have for Your Venue

In the enchanting and complex world of wine, there’s one element that’s crucial for your business, your reputation, and your customers’ satisfaction: speedy, easy-to-use, and more importantly, effective wine preservation. It’s not just a technical process; it’s a festive miracle, a key to unlocking a season filled with flavors and joy.

Bermar’s cutting-edge wine & Champagne preservation systems stand at the forefront of this magic. Our technologies are not just tools; they are your allies in ensuring that every glass of still or sparkling wine is served in its most optimal, freshest state. This is more than preserving a beverage; it’s about preserving the integrity, aroma, and exquisite notes that each wine possesses.

Why does this matter during the festive season – or at all? Because Christmas is a time of discovery and enjoyment. Your guests come with expectations of a culinary journey that includes wine that complements and elevates their dining experience. With Bermar’s technology, you can confidently expand your ‘wine by the glass’ offerings. This means you can cater to every preference, from the casual wine enthusiast looking for a classic choice to the adventurous drinker eager to try a new and exotic vintage.

Additionally, considering that Millennials have shown a considerable rise in wine consumption, with them consuming around 20.3% of wine in 2020, a wide by the glass offering allows them to discover and explore some of your premium options without being intimidated by only offering a full bottle.

Toasting to a Successful Festive Season 

This December, leverage the insights that while price may be a bit of a concern, consumers are prioritizing quality when choosing a venue.. Let your establishment be the place where cherished holiday memories are made, and each toast celebrates the joy of the season. Embrace the entirety of the festive spirit, and watch as your venue becomes a beacon of Christmas magic and warmth.